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  • No training required.
  • No prior accounting knowledge required.
  • Brings in automation allowing you to focus on your business.
  • Reduce manual error by automatically calculating tax.
  • Reduce loss of time due to ledger creation.
Looking for a GST Billing & Accounting Software that satisfies all the above?

ProfitMAX is the solution

By entering purchase, sales and daily expenses, the amount of tax to be paid is obtained which can be filed from our software itself. 

Also, to grow your business financially, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet is automated.
Another unique feature is e-way bill automation. 

For invoices more than Rs. 50,000 E-way bill can be generated instantly from our software which is one mandatory requirement of the Government.




Important features of ProfitMAX Software

  1. Efficient Billing and Accounting Software, anyone can operate
  2. Very simple data entry with edit and delete options
  3. Start managing your business digitally never like before even with no accounting knowledge
  4. The user has to enter only purchase, sales and daily entry. Trial balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet is automated
  5. It simplifies GST Return Filing process
  6. Multiple users facility is available with no additional cost
  7. Simplified E-Way Bill SMS generation without going into E-Way Bill Portal
  8. Mapping of E-way bill corresponding to invoice and storage
  9. Reverse charge calculation is automated
  10. Being a web based application, it can be accessed on mobile, tabulation, laptops and PCs. Use it Anytime Anywhere!
  11. With this advanced technology one can actually get error-free software and enhance their business in terms of quality as well as revenue for sure  

  • Our software makes E-way bill generation very easy and time efficient
  • Invoice reports with customer wise, date wise, month wise, year wise and supply wise filters
  • Export all reports to PDF, Excel and CSV formats
  • Integration facility to all kind of softwares
  • Export Invoice is available for nation and global (Customized)
  • Bill of Supply for composite scheme
  • Input Tax Credit Calculation is automated
  • GST Returns filing in a simplified manner
  • Day Book, Trial balance, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet are automated
  • Stock maintenance
  • TDS and TCS Calculation
  • Auditors and Accountants can add multiple companies
  • User allocation is available for individual client
  • For Commission Agents, Commission bill can be generated
  • SMS integration is available as per client request 

  • Customer management
  • Invoice is provided as per GST norms with attractive structure
  • Invoice report with edit and multiple product delete option
  • E-Way bill SMS is provided on corresponding invoice
  • E-Way bill storage option
  • Mapping of Credit and Debit note to corresponding invoice
  • Customer credit and debit note with reports
  • Month wise, year wise and customer wise reports
  • Date wise invoice report
  • Export all reports into PDF, CSV and Excel formats
  • Export invoice for India and Global as per customer requirement
  • Individual invoice and report format for Composite Scheme customers
  • Efficient search option is available 

  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase entry with transport details
  • Purchase report is available supplier wise, date wise, month wise and year wise
  • Export all reports into PDF, CSV and Excel formats
  • Vendor credit and debit note can be availed corresponding to purchase entry
  • Vendor credit and debit note report is available with monthwise, yearwise and supplier wise filters
  • Purchase bulk entry makes work very simple. One month entries can be finished in a day

  • In Input Tax Credit (ITC) Report, select month and year
  • The current month ITC is the total tax of purchase on CGST, SGST and IGST
  • The tax payable is the total tax payable for sales on CGST, SGST and IGST
  • Input Tax Credit (ITC) includes current month ITC and taxation on goods supplied for an unregistered dealer can be added
  • IGST can adjust with CGST and SGST, but CGST cannot adjust with SGST. Similarly, SGST cannot adjust with CGST
  • The net tax payable will be the actual tax amount
  • Return filing is very easy
  • The above calculations are automated.

  • Return filing is available in terms of monthly, quarterly and annual patterns
  • For monthly, as per Government norms GSTR1, GSTR2A and GSTR3B should be filed
  • In our software GSTR1 is automated. Download the corresponding documents as CSV. Upload relevant documents into GST offline tool and download it in JSON format
  • JSON file can be uploaded to GST Portal
  • GSTR1 Return filing can be done very easily
  • For GSTR3B Outward Taxable Supplies is the total taxable value on CGST, SGST and IGST
  • The actual structure of GSTR3B in GST Portal is replicated in our software and is automated
  • Reverse charge mechanism is automated

  • Pre-defined ledgers and groups are available
  • Customer, supplier and Sucontractor ledgers are auto created
  • Ledger view in a simplified manner with print option
  • Day book
  • Trial balance
  • Profit & Loss accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • All vouchers are available in daily entry
  • Voucher filter with edit option
  • Date wise report
  • Export all reports into PDF, CSV and Excel formats  

  • We can add minimum 5 users with unique username and password
  • Allocate selected modules for corresponding users
  • Data is confidential. Only the super admin has the privilege to change or modify the password
  • The user can access the software using the given username and password. Only the allocated menus are visible to the corresponding user

  • Opening stock and Closing stock is available for all the products
  • Products can be added with HSN codes
  • Finished goods
  • Raw material
  • Stock in process
  • Waste
  • Spares
  • Products view in grid with delete option  


Avail a free trial.
Username: 1
Password: 1

(With multiple companies view)

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Password: 50

Commission Agents

Avail a free trial.
Username: 1
Password: 1

Marketing Partner

Our partners are the soul of our company. Most of our sales takes place through our partner network. Opportunity for ProfitMAX products is continuously growing in the market and this opportunity can be explored by proactively reaching out to customers and providing them the best service experience. This motivates us to keep expanding and strengthening our partner network.

Criteria of marketing partner:

Reference Partner 

  • Sells ProfitMAX to his/her existing customer
  • Generate and suggest references

Active partner

  • Find new customers
  • Help sell to the customer

Independent Partner

  • Adopts ProfitMAX as a business model.
  • Independent about product skills and process.
  • Setup their own office
  • Ability to serve the client

Our Clients

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